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POG Coffee Roasters

POG Coffee Roasters is a SC Department of Agriculture approved coffee roaster located in the midlands region of South Carolina. The company was started by a Veteran and is now a Veteran and Law Enforcement Owned and Operated local business. Our goal is to provide premium coffee from around the world at an affordable price.

In the military POG stands for Person other than Grunt. This term can be viewed as derogatory and was used when speaking about someone who was not infantry and never left the base. While the term is derogatory, humor is one of the things that passed the time while deployed. Like other high-stress professions, humor and poking fun at others passes the time and is a part of military life.

So why the name POG for a coffee company?

Well its easy, because POGs in the military drink a lot of coffee. People that drink a lot of coffee usually know what good coffee is, and here we are to provide good coffee. All jokes aside, regardless of your job in the military, each has importance and during deployment coffee for many kept things moving. Furthermore during deployment regardless of your position when shit hits the fan everyone fights for the same cause and has each other’s back.

At POG Coffee Roasters we love all members of the military and wanted a name that would resonate with military personnel. Even though the name may be a little controversial Sgt. Barber, the founder of POG Coffee Roasters, wanted to own it. Sgt. Barber himself would technically have been considered a POG to the infantry guys since he was Military Police. To learn more about Sgt. Barber’s story check out the “About Us” page.

Regardless of whether you take offense to our name or not don’t let that get in the way of you enjoying some delicious coffee.

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