About Us

Sgt. Barber retired from the Army in 2014 after getting wounded in the summer of 2012 by a suicide bomber. Three of his teammates were lost in the incident, along with 5 being severely wounded. When the incident took place an engineer unit was just a few clicks away and responded to the mass casualty event saving his life by transporting him and the lives of the other wounded to the nearest facility with medical equipment, as their home base did not have the medical life-saving equipment that they needed. Sgt. Barber had always had an interest in coffee and would order specialty coffee while deployed in Afghanistan and brew it in a french press. He shared his passion for coffee with his teammates while deployed.

Sgt. Barber, like any of the veterans who lacked sleep, found comfort in this one small little thing that he could enjoy while deployed. He used coffee to stay awake since 24 and 48-hour missions were a common occurrence. Once he returned home and retired he found himself looking for a hobby. Sgt. Barber began researching coffee roasting. Due to the expense of the specialty coffees, he began to research ordering green and then roasting them himself to save a little money. He starting roasting on a Behmor, which is a small toaster oven-looking roaster. To get beans from various countries he had to order larger quantities and in turn, began roasting for his friends. After trying the coffee he was roasting, friends began to continuously tell him he should turn this hobby into a business. Sgt. Barber’s passion for roasting coffee continued to grow and after about 6 months of roasting on the smaller roaster, he decided to purchase a larger 3.5-pound Artisan-style roaster. This roaster has a drum and is vented to the outside. Using this smaller 2-kilo roaster allows him to focus on quality instead of quantity, producing the finest results using computer software that links up with the roaster.

Sgt. Barber’s passion for roasting premium coffee, along with his Artisan Roaster has allowed for POG Coffee Roasters to become a reality. POG Coffee Roasters is an LLC that is now a Veteran and Law Enforcement Owned and Operated Business in the Midlands of South Carolina. The goal of POG Coffee Roasters is to provide premium coffee from various countries around the world at an affordable price. Our coffee is freshly roasted after your order is placed to guarantee you get the best coffee.

SC Based Coffee Roaster