Answers for Common Coffee Roast Questions

What is the difference between Light and Dark Roasts?

We have heard the statement that the darker the roast the stronger the coffee, many times this is believed to be true because it has that really bitter coffee taste. This is in fact opposite of the truth. A lighter roasted coffee will actually have more caffeine content in the bean per capita. The roasting process that the coffee goes through is the reason why. Coffee is an agricultural product and changes from year to year and from crop to crop. The beans that we import, when received, actually about one quarter the size of what they will be before they’re roasted. 

During the roasting process, depending on the bean type, the beans will double or even triple in size. During this process, water is also being expelled from the bean. Darker roasts are achieved by increasing the temperature of the coffee bean which yields a darker bean.


How long after roasting should the beans sit before being ground and brewed?

Everyone’s opinion is different and that is because it varies from coffee to coffee.

At POG Coffee Roasters we believe that the rest time after a coffee is roasted definitely does make a difference, but as long as it is 12-24 hours after roasting you will enjoy a full and flavorful coffee. At POG, we cup coffees directly after roasting to ensure quality of the roast at all times. The point of the micro-roasting business is to ensure that you get the finest quality, and freshest coffee every time. The lead time with shipping will always be longer than the rest time on the coffee so the rest time really will not matter for our customers.

The reason the coffee bags that we use have a degassing vent on them is because after roasting the beans they can release carbon dioxide. The vent allows enough carbon dioxide escape so that it doesn’t impede with the brewing process of the coffee, but not so much that the coffee begins to taste stale. The amount of carbon dioxide present is also an indicator of quality.


How long is green coffee good for and how should it be stored?


The consensus in the coffee roaster world is that green beans can last from 6 months to 1 year before being roasted for the best coffee. At POG Coffee Roasters we roast our green beans within 9 months to ensure our customers get the best coffee.


How do you store roasted coffee properly and if stored properly how long can it last?


At POG Coffee Roasters our opinion is that once you receive coffee from us you keep coffee in a cool and dry place and in an air tight container if possible. For the freshest coffee we recommend that it be brewed with in 21 days from delivery. However, if stored correctly the coffee can last up to 60 days and still have a full flavor.

Remember though the faster you brew our premium coffee roasts the fresher and more flavorful the taste.


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