DR Congo Roast 2021
DR Congo Roast 2021
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DR Congo Roast 2021

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About the Coffee

This is a medium roast coffee that has tasting notes of sugar cane, green tea, lemon, lime, and floral.


Coffee Specifications:

Producer: Kawa Kanzururu Cooperative

Process: Washed

Region: Rwenzori Mountains

Altitude: 1,000m to 2,000 masl

Harvest Period: September to December

Flavor: Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Lemon, Lime, Floral

Body: Medium

Acidity: Bright


Who should drink this coffee?

Anyone who enjoys other African coffees, such as the Tanzania or Ugandan, will love this roast. This is a medium body coffee that is flavorful and light roasted between city and city plus, pulled out of the roaster at exactly 428 degrees to give you the best flavor!