Rating Coffee

How is coffee scored?

The coffee scale goes from 0-100 with 80 generally being what is considered specialty grade or premium coffee. The higher the score the more difficult the scoring is. 


What does the score mean?

60-70 is considered exchange grade coffee. 

70-74 is considered average quality. 

75-79 is (UGQ) or usual good quality 

Anything 80 and above is considered to be premium.

At POG Coffee Roasters we will only carry coffees that score above an 80, as it is our goal to bring the best quality coffee while also being affordable. 

When coffees are scored they are always freshly roasted with no more than a 48 hour time period before cupping to allow a fair assessment of all coffees.

To ensure our customers receive the best coffee possible, all of our beans are roasted when ordered and then shipped within 24-48 hours from being roasted.